Technical Infrastructure


A growing Company often has to make huge investment at the start-up of the business, there are lot of issues which a corporate organization has to deal with, aside from the Legal, Taxation and Human Resource challenges associated with hiring, one of the first thing is simply deciding where to put your new employees.

Savir Consultants brings Ready company with flexible Workspace and allied Services under one roof to meet the needs of a larger organization. EduSurge is an established leader in providing technical infrastructure setup to Companies with high end international link connectivity, Internet setup, database servers and advanced call distributors with modern industry practices.

Savir Consultants with its highly experienced engineers and professionals ensures that all the necessary facilities are provided as per the client requirement, such as, finding commercial office space, arranging desks and chairs, assembling and installation of desktops, keeping all the systems up to date with patches and security fixes, the most significant is reduction in overall infrastructure cost where you will only be charged on per-seat basis resulting in saving dramatic cost in terms of capital investment, facilities, technology and infrastructure.

We have designed a structured plan for all your needs without an extravagant budget.