Online Testing


Savir Consultants is the leading provider of complete testing and assessment services. Equipped with an extensive, qualified and secure testing network in the country, we can conduct tests in 30+ locations with 8,000 seats.

We have successfully conducted exams in a specialized, secure and controlled testing surroundings enabling candidates to perform to the best of their abilities.We also give secure infrastructure for certification exams.

One of our biggest strength is our internal technical team offering round-the-clock technical support. Our IT team is always present during exams and live operations. We provide 1:100 IT team support for live projects, further ratio depends on client requirement.

Our team consisting of invigilators/proctors/volunteers conduct mock run to increase facility preparedness and to increase staff awareness and knowledge of the live exam. At each location we have a set of well trained and customer focused team to check the effectiveness of systems, coordination of facilities and alertness of staff. The manpower is decided by the client for each exam. Our systems are capable of online proctoring / invigilation. Webcams installed in the classroom enable to watch candidates live during exams.

Each center provides technology rich learning environment with CCTV surveillance and the DVD recordings are available to clients any time. CCTV covers the entire classroom without a single miss.

To enhance fail-safe environment we create state-of-the-art Control Room, like the one set up in Lower Parel in Mumbai, where the client can have bird’s eye view of each lab in the center by just zooming on at subject. Centralized Control Room is a unique feature of the facility provided by us.

Examination Center

EduSurge provides a ready examination center that facilitates universities and institutes to conduct examination in a fair manner within a safety guarded environment.

Skill Assessment Test

EduSurge meets every requirement of clients who are looking out for premises, infrastructure in order to conduct examinations, skill assessment as well as trainings. The advantage of conducting trainings/examinations at EduSurge centers is two-fold: cost effective infrastructure setup and its low maintenance.

We support all kinds of recruitment and induction programs. This is done with signing of non disclosure agreement with our clients to protect their interests and following best HR practices.

Online Assessment

Our online assessment platform enables clients to measure certain aspects of information for specific purposes. These assessments are in form of online educational tests which provide instant detail feedback. This online test is conducted for different purposes like formative, diagnostic or summative. The test allows you to have flexibility in time, location and instant feedback. This test aims to help the candidate achieve higher grade in the field.

Formative assessment

It allows you to get feedback from the audiences while conducting an activity. For a candidate, it is used to provide feedback during the learning process. The feedback is through objective questions about the learning process.

Summative Assessment

This test evaluates the quantity grade check of the candidate or company. It is usually given after the unit or lesson of the learning process.


This test aims to collect data or feedback by conducting online test, however, with our highly qualified tests you get to meet your needs in short time. It allows you to know the attitude, perception and other information from the candidate about the particular thing. This helps you to bring improvement in your own instructions.


This allows the facilitator to collect data and feedback on the particular situation and helps in improving the service of experience. Thus, to help you get the best for yourself or your company, we enable clients to have the online assessment with right results.