E-Learning Infrastructure


In any Educational Institution, E-learning infrastructure is considered one of the main component, with the introduction of E-Learning technology distance education has taken a whole new meaning. The rapid growth in the number of students, teaching content, services provided and resources available E-Learning system has grown at an exponential level.

Educational Institutions has to encounter various problems relating to additional resources, new configurations, computer maintenance and licenses for every software packages, this adds to the total cost of expenses and becomes expensive, collaboration with EduSurge helps you overcome these challenges.

Savir Consultants has developed a modern E-Learning Infrastructure that is equipped with sound proof, custom lighting, audio & video mixers and image recognition presenting high quality classes for distance education. EduSurge facilitates Standalone network comprising of computer systems and servers stored centrally on every device assisting you in making the jump from successful classroom training to the online world of effective E-Learning.

Continuous Professional Learning is a concept evolved from Life Long Learning for Professional development, In this scenario also we step in acting as a bridge between the educational institutions and the students to manage and optimize E- Learning programmes.

We have committed ourselves to deliver E-Learning services anytime, anywhere all over India.